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BeachJam London (2013)

BeachJam London (2013)

It's nowhere near a beach. It's not even that near London.

The LocoSkates Beach Jam is back. This time in the glamorous outer-London urban paradise that is... Gravesend! OK, not so Glam... but have you seen the skatepark? 

We will be running a street-plaza rollerblading contest at the infamous 'Cyclopark' skatepark on Sunday 25th Aug 2013. Another fresh location for our multi-location annual Jam. The park hosts a whole load of interesting Plaza-style obstacles. In an effort to try and reveal exactly what we do as rollerbladers to the general public, this year's BeachJam will take place as part of BLITZ FESTIVAL. 
See their website here:

As always, BeachJam is about fun and remembering why we all put silly shoes with wheels on in the first place... there WILL be prizes, including cash up to £500 (prize pot will depend on entries). Cyclopark is privately owned so you WILL NEED TO BRING A HELMET (sorry!).

Here's a video showing the Skatepark:

Here's roughly how it's going to pan out...

12:00: Midday: Park opens, registration, practice.
13:00: Amateur contest + Girls contest (including a heat for 15 and under 'Slamm Jamm' New Blood qualifier).
14:30: Open sessions, pro warm up.
15:30: Pro Contest followed immediately by Best Trick Contest (if everyone is juiced enough!)
17:00 - 19:00: Open skate sessions
13:00 - 18:00: Skate-Cross battles (races involving 4x skaters on an assault course).

Here's the prices:

£2 SPECTATE - This will give you pedestrian entry into the whole of Blitz festival (including BeachJam) on Sunday 25th Aug. You won't be able to skate with this wristband.

£10/£12 - SKATE/COMPETE - Pay £10 at the gate to enter the festival (and skate) then another £2 in the skatepark if you want to register to enter the BeachJam contest.

SKATE-CROSS - You can also pay an extra £5 on the day if you'd like to enter the Skate-Cross event.

You can pay and enter the contest ON the day. No need to pre-register.

Here's last year's contest:


Here's the Event on Facebook: