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Bauer Roller Skates

Bauer Roller Skates

'Supreme Turbo' bought out the Bauer quad skates factory mould when they discontinued the The Bauer Turbo skate circa 2004. They slapped a 'Supreme' logo on the side, improved the liner (inner sock) and sorted out the sizing issues which Bauer skates were famous for (the Supreme now fits true to your shoe size so you don't have to 'up-size'). Supreme fitted out all their models with Playmaker trucks and Kryptonics quad skate wheels (just like the higher-end versions of the old Bauer). If you're looking to re-kindle the kudos of donning the Bauers at your local roller disco then you're looking straight at the remedy... it's just got a different logo... and better parts.

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Supreme Turbo Roller Skates (Bauer replacement)

Supreme Turbo Roller Skates (Bauer replacement) 5

The Supreme Turbo roller skate is a legend but you might not recognize it at first glance....

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