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Are Hoverboards / Swegways illegal in the UK?

Are Hoverboards / Swegways illegal in the UK?

There's been reports in the papers of Swegway Hoverboards being made illegal for use on UK pavements. You can see the literature regarding this matter on The Crown Prosecution Service website which titles the section under use of a 'Segway'. Of course, a Segway is the brand name for the original, larger transportation vehicle with handlebars. The papers have obviously created their own narrative in the name of journalism but it's still very unclear as to whether the smaller, mini-segway (with no handlebars, ie the one we are interested in) is covered under this act.

One person HAS been charged in the UK at the time of writing for riding the bigger Segway (with handlebars) but the fact is, that until somebody is charged and prosecuted in court for the small self balancing scooter in question (which has not happened yet at the time of writing) we are left in the dark as to the exact legality on pavements. We would encourage you to exercise caution however you choose to use your board but as a retailer we have received no governmental advise as to the legality and we are aware that police officers across the UK have not been officially advised of the legal standpoint of the Swegway boards either... as outlined in the video below.

The above information is simply factual and we are trying to be honest and realistic, however, LocoSkates would like to remind you that if you choose to use your swegway on public footpaths we will not accept responsibility if somebody, somehow manages to prosecute you!