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Kaltik K Skate Jr - Aggressive

Kaltik K Skate Jr - Aggressive

The Kaltik K Skate Jr - Aggressive now in stock | LocoSkates - The UKs No.1 for skates | Worldwide Delivery ...

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Aggressive skating became massively popular around the world in the mid nineties when the idea of strapping aggressive skates to your feet and performing freestyle tricks and stunts on the streets was pioneered by the likes of Arlo Eisenberg, Jon Julio and AJ Jackson in California. Aggressive inline skating grew to be the fastest growing participant sport around the world. Skaters started off using basic skills to jump stairs and carve the streets. As the sport developed, so did the tricks and thus the equipment that was used. Tricks became more technical and grind-based. Soul plates got bigger to account for this and skate frames were developed to make grind tricks on rails and ledges easier. Aggressive skate wheels got smaller for more stability and skate liners have now been developed to a standard which gives the skater greater comfort and greater control. Although the initial inline skating 'boom' settled down in the late nineties; the industry, to this day, still continues to grow and newer and better products are constantly being released. The quality of aggressive skating products has never been higher and the attention to detail put into not only the manufacturing processes but also the marketing of the products makes us proud to be so heavily involved in what we consider to be a classy and stylistic industry.

Please have a browse through our large catalogue of aggressive inline skates, parts and accessories; you'll find our range to be the most extensive in the UK. If there is anything you don't see which you would like or you'd like advice please don't hesitate to give us a call or shoot over an email.