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Xsjado Avant 2 Skate

Xsjado Avant 2 Skate

Xsjado Avant 2 Skate
Xsjado Avant 2 Skate
Xsjado Avant 2 Skate
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The Xsjado Avant 2 skates are now delivered with 1x spare pair of Xsjado Pioneer cuffs (grey) as standard.

The Xsjado Avant 2; Xsjado’s mid-range skate. It looks fantastic with complimentary grey and white tones. The complete skate comes with a new styled Xsjado Footwrap, Kizer X-type frames (a replacement for the old Mook frames) and Xsjado team wheels loaded with ABEC-7 bearings to keep you rolling smooth and fast. Xsjado skates are just as happy in skateparks as they are on the streets. Jeff Stockwell and Ben Schwab would agree!

 Remember Xsjado skates are currently the only skate on the market that offer you snowboard style binding/clip-in system so you can just wear your Xsjado shoes and then clip in and out in a matter of seconds (some people even wear their own trainers). This really makes Xsjado unique in the level of comfort they offer (as you already feel like you are in a regular trainer) and an even more unique feel when you’re out skating.

Skeleton sizes are expandable and come in two sizes:
Small uk4-uk8.5
Large uk9-uk12.5

Footwraps are individual sizes and the skeleton comes pre-adjusted to the size that you have ordered.

Size Tip: The Avant 2 footwraps run around half a size small. It's recommended you size-up by 0.5 - 1 size.

Worried about size? Don't. We offer a free size swap.

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5 Average Rating 5/5 (6 reviews)
4 stars Great while they lasted Written by

Awesome skate, iv never found tricks so easy to learn. However they have some serious durability issues. I don't know if it's just cuse I'm a big guy (14stn) but the boot literally snapped in half on me after 6 months. Luckily I didn't get too badly hurt but now every time I ride I'm scared my skate will snap! Even worse, the Velcro cuffs stopped being sticky after 4 months and the cuffs broke literally after a couple weeks. So if you're like me and bang you skates around a lot, get something else. [Hi Amiel - All these skates are sent out with a spare pair of Xsjado Pioneer cuffs for the heavier skater. Please let us know if you didn't get any with your order and we can send some out to you! Loco]

5 stars amazing Written by

These skates are awesome had no problems at all

4 stars Review of xsjado blades Written by

The blades are good until you bang the back of them off a ramp or wall and then the cuff snaps

5 stars Good Written by

I got them 12 days ago they were so comfatable but my boot snapped :(

4 stars unknown Written by

The Xsjado Avant 2 Skate really well but the cuffs snap quite easily

5 stars great Written by

The skates surprised me at how good the were. the wheels and bearings made me feel as if I were floating. the grinding was great because of the massive soul plates were hard to miss the rail. the only bad things were the wheels we're not very gripy.

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hi ok i am an old school skater from when oxogen's were out looking to get back into it are these the best to get and i am a size 11.5 US 12 are fine and is the price the same 160 and also shipping time

Hi there - The choice of skate is completely yours, but they are certainly very different from oxygens! You can see the price displayed next to the product, if you want to see the price in Euros or US dollars you can change it by clicking the icons in the top right of the website. UK shipping time is estimated at 1-2 days, US shipping can arrive in as little as 2 days but I'd allow 7 to account for customs being a little unpredictable.

can you still get hold of a size 10.5 any time soon?

Hi Elliot, unfortunately we are unable to get these back in a size 10.5uk

Do the xsjado avant 2 skates come in a size 5.5 or a 6? Dean

Hi Dean - They used to but they are discontinued now. They've been replaced by the Xsjado Avant 3. The Avant 3 has a stronger cuff and the new 2.0 soul kit.

What size are the wheels on these skates

It's funny, they don't state the size of the wheels on this skate. They look like a 56mm to me!

do these skates come with the shoes or do you have to pay extra ??

These come with the shoes (footwraps) as pictured.

Can you get the bolts for the frames separately because I broke mine and I need a new set to be able to switch around the wheels.

Yes we should be able to find some Kizer bolts which fit. Give us a call at the shop to order. We generally charge 50p each for bolts + delivery.

i know its not about this skate but when does the avant 3 come out??

We are hoping that it will be in time for Christmas... although we haven't been given any dates as of yet.

Hey loco do you have these in stock I need a size uk 10.5. Brett

Hi Brett. All stock showing on the website is live. If you can see your size then we have it in stock physically!

im a trainer size 9 so shuld I get a size 10 ?

The Avant 2 footwraps run around half a size small. It's recommended you size-up by 0.5 - 1 size. Maybe a 9.5 would be good for you.

Will these be available in size 9uk soon?

Yes. Keep an eye on the site hopefully uk9 will be live again Monday [12/08/13]

loads of people say that these are very hard to get use to is that true?

They may take a couple of goes to get used to the way the skates feel... like anything though!

can i swap out for the same but different coloured parts? is there an additional cost for this?

Hi Cameron. We can usually do part-swaps for £10 (depending on the part). Give us an email or a call with your exact requirements and we can quote you.

hey guys im in the midst of buying a new pair of skates and these caught my eye im currently on USD psirus a very old skate i know and im suprised as you how they have lasted this long, anyway ive seen on the reviews that these break easy on impact with various objects mainly the cuffs breaking so im a bit jubious wether or not to buy a skate with that flaw so how much is it going to cost me to get them fixed or replace the cuff if they do break? Luke.

Hi Luke. Please notice that these now come with a spare pair of Xsjado Pioneer cuffs as standard incase that does happen!

Oryt, i wear a size six shoe normaly so should i get nthe size 6.5 or just play it safe and buy the size 6

Go for a 6.5. That would be the safer option. I don't think it will affect the performance and they will be no heavier as they will still be using the same shell/skeleton.

would these be a good beginner skate? if not, could you recommend a pair?

Hi Santino, 

Yes the Xsjado Avant 2 Skates would be a good beginner skate as any other. Skates are not measured in a skill level so these would be just as good for a beginner as they would a pro skater. 


dose the shoe wobble in the skate

No, it's designed specifically to be held in solid!

hi i was just wondering will these skates still be available in size 10.5 or 11 around june. Chris

Hi Chris. This skate is due to be running for a while longer however it's impossible to predict stock-levels and availability accurately in advance as it depends how many people buy them :-)

Probably a question you get a lot, so sorry for this, but how do they fit? im a size 11UK. One source has said they are tight fitting another says reg shoe size is fine. thanks

The Avant 2 footwraps run around half a size small. We recommend you size-up by 0.5 - 1 size.

How heavy are these skates, ross gibb

Approx 1850g based on a size uk8.

Do you think you will have size 9 by June the 4th ????,? Owen.

Hi Owen. It's impossible to predict stock levels ahead of time with absolute accuracy, however I'd expect the Avant 2 to run for quite a long time!

Would these still be available near october? Fred

Apologies Fred, it's not possible to predict availability this far ahead of time. :-) [22/02/13]

hi do you think you will have a size 11 skates in stock for the 14 of february? - Francis

Hi Francis, 

We currently have 2 sets of UK11 Xsjado Avant 2 Skates in stock and they are readily available from our supplier, so i do not see stock being a problem. 

Thanks :)

I may sound a bit stupid but i fell in love with these blades and was wandering do i have to purchase the shoe separately or do they come with the blades?

The shoe (footwrap) you can see in the pictures comes with the skate as standard. :-)

Hi, do you know roughly what these skates weigh? - Chris

Hi Chris, 

This all dependeds on the size of the skate really, but I have quickly weighed a UK8 Avant skates for you and they are roughly 1800 gms. 



Hey guys just wondering when you'll be getting these back in stock. Need a 9 really but yeah any ideas on how long?? Chris.

Hi Chris. These are available right now [2nd Jan '13]. Just choose your size from the size option box.

Hi Loco -getting some of these for christmas. I wear size 12 Nikes when i scoot? what size do you recommend i get?

uk12 Should be fine!

do i have to pay to change the cuffs and soulplates. Alessio

Hi Alessio. Yes you do! :-)

Can they expand into a bigger size

Yes you can! You can see the ranges for each 'shell size' in the 'Product info' tab. :-)

hey Loco, i ride remz os4's, size 9 and they are really tight so what size would you recommened for these skates.

Sounds like you'd be safe with a uk10.

Do these skates come with allen wrenches?

Yes they do!

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