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Xsjado 2.0 with Footwraps

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The Xsjado 2.0 Skeleton has been completely reworked from the ground up and is one of the most anticipated skates of the year. The guys behind Xsjado 2.0 Skates really went to work on the features and have finely tweaked and tuned every part. This includes adding an additional 2 shell sizes to get a closer, better fit and also making way for junior/female sizing all the way down to a UK5. The most notable new features are the 2 piece cuff system allowing forward and backwards flex like a regular skate (cuff also allows you to fit a regular buckle instead of the Velcro strap or even change the whole cuff if you preferred a Razors style cuff), Xsjado new 1 piece soul plate with one of the best boot grooves we have seen in ages and a new much thinner, more ergonomic tongue. The tongue and midstrap are now made from a high quality memory foam for comfort and durability. All the simplifications on the skate make for a much lighter skate. When you combine this with the fact that you are now able to get a closer size shell and a more true fit then you may find yourself making a really big weight saving.  All the straps mid and top are multi position-able to get that perfect fit and they’ve all been re-enforced with a super durable Nylon and leather combination.

Shell sizes:
XS: uk4-uk6.5
Small: uk7-uk8.5
Medium: uk9-uk10.5
Large: uk11-uk12.5

This version includes the Xsjado 2.0 mid top shoe.

Also avaliable as the Xsjado Complete Skate.

Size tip: The footwraps fit around half a size small. Please buy half a size to one size UP from your regular shoe size.

Worried about size? Don't. We offer a free size swap.

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Hey there I'm looking to buy a pair of these to skate in tokyo town. Do they come with wheels installed?

You'll need to add wheels, frames and bearings to this skate to complete the set-up. Alternatively you could buy a Xsjado model which already comes complete all completes are pictured on the website with the wheels/frames/bearings attached. Jake.

Hi there--I'm looking for aggressive skates that will work on a fast-growing, but pretty scrawny 13 year old who shreds. He's currently wearing a Euro/Spanish size 38... so I guess around a 5.5 UK. If we need to order a half size up, that puts him in the middle of an XS with just a half size of growing room. Would it be crazy to order an S? Is the cuff a lot taller? Is the soul plate a lot longer? Any tricks to get a (temporarily) smaller foot in there?

The Xsjado 2.0 has a pretty short soul kit in relation to it's shoe-size so I think it's ok to size up to the small shell to allow for some growth. The cuff gets no higher either (there is only 'small' and 'large' in cuffs and both aforementioned sizes use the small). For the most cost effective solution I'd suggest buying a version of the  Xsjado 2.0 which comes with a footwrap of your choice (and make sure you buy one with a bigger footwrap than you need)... then I'd buy a separate smaller xsjado footwarap and use the smaller one first (in the small shell) and switch to the larger one later when he grows. You should find the smaller footwrap fits just fine in the 'small' shell,

is the cuff padding actually designed for the mid top footwrap? people claim to have some issues with pressure points, where the padding overlap with the footwrap.. or is this only a problem with small shell size? how is it at size 44 footwrap combined with dedicated shell size?

Good question. The 2.0 padding is just generic (neither labelled as high cut or low cut). I could see how the overlap might cause a feeling of tightness for some users even though the original 2.0 was designed for a mid-top footwrap. I think you are right about the bigger size shell though, I think you will feel less tightness with this because the padding will sit higher and the footwrap won't necessarily be relational in height (you still with me?). In conclusion, whether it feels too tight will be down to the individual user (sorry I couldn't be more definitive).

Hey Loco, I've just bought a pair of 'Remz os4 red edition' i have incredibly wide feet and the width was fine however my toes were squashed against the end. what would be the case with these skates and should i consider purchasing them? Also would i be able to swap the Remz for the Xsjado 2,0?

Hi Benji - As long as the skates are unused and in original, undamaged packaging we can swap them for the next size up. If you'd like a different model then we can swap them for a different model and debit or refund the difference in price.

When will these be in stock? Rubin

Hi Rubin - The reason why this product isn't showing in some sizes is because the footwraps (shoes) are unavaiable in those sizes (sorry, no word as to whether this particular footwrap will be released again). You can still buy the Xsjado 2.0 skeleton though which you could then combine with some different footwraps in the size you need. I think the Avant 3 footwraps might be the best option for you right now.

with the new sizing are the 2.0s smaller on sole room for size 9s? I found the first xsjados I had (the white farmer) to be great for locking on but a little to bulky to slide well. I fitted a deshi soul plate to my old boots which worked well to solve the problem but I had to cut the cuff a bunch to get it to fit. also is there much difference between these and the new farmer other than cosmetics and price tag?

The difference between the Farmer and these is just colour and footwrap style (and pricetag!). The uk9 2.0 skates take a size 'medium' soul kit. I can see that it's actually marginally wider than the original 1.0 soul kit was in 'Large'.

I have been skating the 1.0 for a few years and due to my shoe size i will still be the largest shell size in the 2.0 but will the new design still in the largest shell be less bulky than the 1.0 in shell L?

Yes. The design is slimmer and lighter. Each component has been slimmed down per se.

Hey, I was wondering how my foot will fit into those skates: I bought razors G7.3 44eu and they were a bit too loose, also, I wear 42-43 shoes.. What size should I get? What about 42.5? Also, I would like to know, how much wider negative plate is on xsjado versus razors g7.3? Thank you - Rokas

Hi Rokas, 

They Xsjado shoes come up roughly half a size small so I would either buy the EU42.5 or the EU43.5, this really depends on your exact shoe size. If you want to play it safe I would go for the EU43.5.

I have measured the negative at the widest point on the both skates here is the results:

 Razors G7.3= 34mm  Xsjado 2.0: 40mm

Thanks :)

hi im a size 9 in carbon 2 (snugg fit). i have a difficult time to decide wich shell size to get. s- is up to 9. l- starts from 9.5 would size s be too small or l too big? or both?! thanks.

Hi There - Just choose half a size above your regular shoe size. Don't try and compensate to try and get a smaller shell size as it won't work with the 2.0. Also, please see the shell sizes in the 'Product Info' tab. The shell sizes you've quoted are not correct! :-)

Hey guys I tried my mates size 9 and the cuff came half way up my shin way to high have the small size skelingtons got the same size cuffs or do they get smaller ? Cheers

The smaller the skate, the lower the cuff!

Compared to the stockwell 2012 footwraps, would you say that the footwraps are the same sizing for these?

Similar sizing, yes.

Hey guys, how easy is it to fit a razors cuff to this skate on a Large?

Looks like these will fit right on. You might find they push against the mid-strap a bit at one point though as the Xsjado cuff is more shaped to fit around the mid-strap.

Hey guys ordering these within the next week just wondering how footwrap sizing is compared to nike high-tops ? thanks.

Hi Grant. Assuming that the High-tops fit the same as Air Max 1's then I would say these footwraps fit half a size smaller.

How is the sizing on the footwraps? ( Is a 9 a 9?!)

Pretty much. Some people might say they fit half a size small (so a 9 is an 8.5). There's not much in it though.

At what point does the shell size jump from the smallest to the next one up? Are the UK7 and UK7.5 the same shell size? Cheers. Craig.

Hi Craig. You can find the full list of shell sizes in the 'Product info' tab (underneather the main image of the skate).

Are these skate actually out yet or are they still just pre-orders ?

They are out now!

Is the negative plate bigger or smaller than the original xsjado design?


hi, i have the xsjado stockwell blue and was wondering because of the cuff if it would increase the flexibility in the skate?

It's just a different feel. I think different people will have their own opinion on whether it feels more or less flexible.

Will the cuffs squeak like on other skates? A reason why I love xsjado's is because you dont get cuff squeak when you flex forward. Rory

Hi Rory. In my opinion when you have a squeeking sound it's the liner rubbing against the inside of the skate rather than the cuff itself. The Xsjado (both the 1.0 and 2.0) doesn't have a liner which moves around so I imagine the chances of a squeek are less than many other skates. When I skated the 2.0 samples I didn't notice any squeek. JE

Do they still have a massive negative plate? Sam

Hi Sam - The negative plate is a good size. Similar to USD Carbon.

How heavy r these compared to the usd carbon free, xsjado jc Rowe, Alex burston pro boot and valo jj lights all as boot only

The 2.0 will be marginally lighter than all these models.

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