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Valo V13 Alex Broskow (coffee) Pro Boot Only

Valo V13 Alex Broskow (coffee) Pro Boot Only

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Brosky likes his skates like he likes his coffee. Smooth, strong and with caramel complexion ...lucky he wasn't a rasberry frappacino kind of guy. The Valo V13 Alex Broskow Pro Model is the first V13 pro model and has been coined the Valo V13 'coffee'. It's awesome to see so many of the Valo team shredding the original Roces M12 boot (re-branded) so hard and really proves the point "if it isn't broken don't fix it". Keep in mind the M12 boot is now over 20 years old and has sold in excess of a million skates in that time. Broskow decided to keep the Roces style UFS soul kit in black (although remember you can still put Valo soul kits on). The Broskow pro-model is using the Valo TV liner like in the Valo TV skates and Valo LIght models  The Valo V13 AB Pro Model is sure to be a massive hit with the OG's looking to re-live the golden days or young bucks eager to be in Broskows shoes (skates). 

Check out the promo edit Broskow just released on the "watch video" tab above. 


-       Weight of Individual boot in a UK7: 1.1kgs

-       Brown (coffee) colour

-       Roces UFS Soul kit

-       Valo cuff (slightly lower then original M12 Cuff)

-       Valo TV liner 

Size tip: The Broskow skates are using the Valo Light style liner which is a little thicker than previous Valo V13's. This is making the skate feel a little small. We'd recommend buying 0.5-1 sizes up from your regular size and allowing yourself sufficient time to 'bed-in' the liner.

Worried about size? Don't. We offer a free size swap.

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5 stars Gorgeous, but tight fitting Written by

I purchased these chocolate harpies purely for the steal price of £75. They make great power blades and are exquisite to look at, but i found they were a little tight for me (I run a comfortable UK6 in just about every other skate on the market). Though Loco offer a great refund / exchange poliy for sizing issues, I couldn't actually bring myself to part with them. I can still get a session or two out of them but they get more use from my girlfriend (who is one size smaller than me). Far too beautiful to consider sending back, and she thinks she got an out-of-the-blue present, which is even better. Fast delivery, incomprehensible price and one of rollerblading's most "majestic" icons rendered in a shade of brown that will have your favourite leather jacket turn green with envy. 100% happy.

5 stars Full circle. Written by

I must admit it's great that these valo/roces skates are back (not that they ever went away, just had skins on them.) as it gives the kids of today an idea of where we older guys started. I must admit I prefer these original soul kits to the standard valo one as the back side plates are huge. The liners are described as thicker than normal valo liners and wow they really are, I'm a snug 7 even a 6 in other skates these liners were very tight so I had to put my older valo liners in and fit fine. One thing I am still getting used to is the amount of flex in these v13 skates, this isn't a bad thing and may well just be me, but thought I would mention it either way. So yeah an all round good skate and wouldn't expect anything less seeing as this mould has been used for years and years, was even an ice skate mould I believe. Anyways just goes to show that I should of kept my m12 all them years ago and saved my self trying every skate out there seeing as I am enjoying these like I was a teenager again haha. Enjoy.

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Hey. I use size 7 Tv3 and im planning on getting this in size 7 too. If it feels too tight for me, can i swap with a David Sizemore V13 at size 8? And will there be any additional charges?

As long as we have stock of both the skates in question, then yes that's fine. You will be required to cover costs of getting the skates back to us, and if you are out of the UK you will be liable to cover the costs of delivery of the new skates back to you. Gaston. 

If I buy these skates is there a chance that I might win Winterclash next year!?

There's always a chance

Will you have them in a size 9 again

Apologies, no. These are all gone now in uk9! I'm chasing the supplier to see when we have any Valo V13's coming into the country in a uk9. I should have some answers in a couple of days if you wanted to give us a call/message.

Will there ever be a restock in size 11 or should I risk going for a 10?

They won't re-produce this skate now I'm afraid. The UK10 uses the same outer shell as the uk11 so you could potentially make it work for you. I think you'd have to replace the liner with another one as the Broskow liners fit quite small for their size. Maybe you have an old set of size 11 Valo liners knocking about. Alternatively we could try and dig you some out and sell you them cheap with the skates (give us a call on the phone to do this)

I skate a size us 8 in razor sl's and im really keen on buyin these skates, will I need to upsize to a us 9 or can I just stick to a us8?

Go for the US9. It's the same shell as the US8 and you will just have a bit more room in the liner (the liner is what makes these skates fit small)

What size should i pick if my feet are 271mm? J

Hi J. The Broskow skates come up a little small so I'd recommend buying one size up form your regular shoe size (best not to base it on actual mm measurements as the spread of the foot can make this an inaccurate way to judge size)

Hey! I skate the razor aragon 5s in a size 8, and I getting these soon so do you think to get a size 8 in these? I had a go on some size 8's and they fit mint apart from around my toes it was more 'tighter' or 'padded' then the rest? but there was no pain what so ever though!!? (just snug?) hahaha...

Hi Connor - sounds like you are in a better position than me to make this decision if you've tried some of these on. If you tried some of the standard V13's on (rather than the Broskows specifically then please remember to take into account that the Broskows fit a little tighter than the regular V13 skates)

I'm a EU44 in USD VIIs. What size would you recommend in the valos? Also, is another signature bot due out soon? thanks

We have no news of any new models at this time. The broskow fits a little small so maybe go up to a 45 (that will depend on what model of VII's you are skating though)

If i had USD carbons size 9(uk) and they were too narrow, should i look at a size 10 in this boot?

Hard to say exactly but that sounds like the most logical idea. The Broskows are fitting quite small.

Hi i'm buying these on Friday when i get payed. are u able to swap the souls on these for the white ones or is that not possible. Also while i'm here do u know when u will be getting any more size 3 ( 11-13 ) GC Featherlite 2's in stock. Thanks for your time.

Hi there - Apologies, we are unable to do a soul swap on this particular model. Souls ARE available as a separate aftermarket item though. :-) Availability and new stock of the GC frames is very limited now as they are end of line (the FLT3's come out in the next couple of weeks). Try giving us a call at the shop on the day of your order though incase we have some odd White featherlites come available on that particular day (it can happen sometimes due to Boot-Only sales)

Apparently he made the coffee skate because, and I quote "he grind so fine". Can you confirm?

All I know is that he likes his coffee tall and dark with a hint of decadence. 

Not really a question about this specific skate but along the same lines. In broskows nyc edit he is wearing white valo13/m12 do you know if these are on general sale. cheers

No these are currently not on sale. I believe there was a exclusive model for the Russian market made around that time. They might have been them.

how do these skates fit would sizing down be an option

No. The liner in these is thick so they fit small. Quite a few people have found that they needed to buy a size bigger in these. It varies with each individual though. If you want to squeeze into the smallest size possible I think that buying just your regular shoe size in these will be the best decision.

Hi! If I am skating razors sl size eu45 (UK10) and they fit perfectly for me, should I choose the same size for these valo too or take one size bigger? Also, is the eu45 and eu46 (UK10 and UK11) same shell? Thanks!

Hello Niklavs, the Valo's are quite a narrow fit, so if you have wide feet you may need to go up a size from your regular shoe size. The size 10 and 11uk shell is the same with the Valo, just with slightly different liners.

Are the soul plates as fast as the two piece? (I'm gutted that the size 5 lights are out of stock)

I'm not sure of the exact compounds but I would assume they are very similar (and therefore similar speeds)

Is there anyway u guys could put a black buckle on and if so how much will it cost?

Yes. See black Valo buckles.

when you order a quantity of 1, do you only get 1 boot, or a pair?

All our skates are sold in pairs. (1x left and 1x right!)

What frames and wheels would you recommend to buy for the boot? Light as possible? Harry.

Hi Harry. This is completely your personal preference. GC Featherlite 2, Kizer Fluid 4 and Youth Co frames are all super light though.

Are they still in preorder stage? Any news on release date?

Hi Anton. These are now fully available and pre-orders have been shipped. [30/04/14]

if I pre-order these and order wheels and bearings at the same time, will you ship the wheels out along with the skates when they become available, or would you ship wheels before hand?

In this situation we'd usually contact you after your order to see what you'd like us to do. You can leave a note in the comments to save time though if you like!

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