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USD Phoenix Liner

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You may not be able to spell it, but you can certainly put the USD Pheonix (Phoenix) liners in your skates for a comfortable ride. This much needed product is welcomed with open arms by the inline industry, with it's slender ergonomics you'll be able to fit the USD liners in more models of skate than it's FATTER rivals. The USD Phoenix liners are padded, comfortable, supportive and light. They feature a speedy lacing system with a clip fixture and a neoprene toe to give you some room for error (cos it's stretchy!) The construction is high quality using nanoleather material. The pully strap extends all the way to the bottom of the liner for extra strength. The sole of the liners is made with a material called E.V.A which not only means it's durable and walkable but also provides a built in shock absorber. The insole also includes a gel shock absorbing pad. Size tip: These liners fit SMALL. Please buy half a size to 1 size bigger than your regular size. ie if you are a uk7 or 7.5 please buy a size uk8 liner. Worried about size? Don't. We offer a free size swap. Valo Fitting: Although the Phoenix liners fit in Valo skates, the combination of the shape of the Phoenix liner and the thin profile of the Valo shell means that for alot of people they will feel very tight on your feet (crushing your feet a little). Please be aware of this before purchasing the Phoenix liner for Valo skates.

Colours slighty vary between sizes (see images). Colours vary with which size you choose so your size will only usually be available in one colourway.

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Hi would these liners in a size 8 fit my alchemy pure air that's a 7

We don't stock Alchemy skates here so I can't test this for you, but yes, in theory, it should fit. Gaston. 

what would these fit like inside a valo skate ?

They will fit in the boot no problem... how you personally will find the fit with your foot in is another question! Only one way to find out... ;-) Gaston. 

when will there be a size 9 liner

Apologies, these have now been replaced with the MyFit liners range. These are on clearance now. Jake.

why these liner don't fit well in Valo Skates (TV3, Camo, EB)? Theoretically the liner would be to narrow skates, correct? I ask this because I have one Valo AB 1.5 and want to change the liner, but did not want a Trust Liners. the size of the shell that I have is 8-9 (US), my foot is 7.5 to 8 (US), would be good one liner size 8? or 9? In his opinion, it would be better to change or keep the stock liner? My Valo is coming tomorrow ... and I'm afraid of his quality.

The Phoenix liner just feels too tight and crammed in in the Valos. See how you get on with the stock liner and then next week we recieve the new MyFit liners from Powerslide which will fit great in a Valo. Keep an eye out for them on the website in the next couple of weeks. They are really great liners.

I have us size 13 valo jj.1. The original liner cuts into the inside of my foot below my ankle real bad. I have never been able to skate long with these skates because of it. What liner do you recommend (and what uk size) to remedy this issue. I miss the days of being able to skate for hours.

Valo skates don't fit many liners. At this time the best fitting aftermarket frames for Valo skates are the Trust Special Ops liners. It's not always a liner problem. Sometimes you may find that your feet just aren't getting along with a certain shape boot. Maybe worth also considering a new boot from another brand.

Would these fit razor genesis 9.1.

Yes, these will fit. The Jug liners tend to be the preferred liners for the Razor Genesys boot though. The new Jug Black Sox 2 liners are now in stock. [13/08/14]

Hi there, I have a size 6 Valo JJ Lights and am a solid size 6 in just about every skate or Xsjado shoe I have ever tried. I notice in your comments here that you mention that larger sizes will fit into the Valo Carbon with this liner. Am I able to simply buy a size 6 Phoenix liner for my size 6 JJ lights? Robert

Hi Robert. Yes buy a size uk6 Phoenix liner for a size uk6 Valo skate. I wouldn't upsize with this liner in the Valo shell (only with the Trust liner).

i have the sagona ufs thrones in a size uk7, would a uk8 pheonix liner fit the uk7 shell ?

Yes, no problem. The shell is designed to take uk7-uk8 liners.

Do these liners fit in carbon skates with the right size

Hi Ross,

It depends on which carbon skates you mean. The Phoenix liner won't fit into a USD Carbon 4, but it will fit into a Valo Light. A size 9uk Phoenix liner actually fits into a size 7/8uk Valo Light shell quite nicely. For an aftermarket liner to suit the USD Carbon 4, the Trust liner is a good alternative.

Hey guys jw do these fit in usd imperials and would a size ten liner fit a size 9 skate

Hi Tom - As far as I'm aware the USD imperial does not have a removable liner (so therefore not replaceable). Please correct me if I'm wrong!

Are these liners v-cut please?

The liner has a stretchy neoprene material at the back (where you might expect it to be V-cut). This allows you to use the liners effectively with both V-cut and non V-cut cuffs.

Hey guys, I have a pair of the 2013 classic thrones, the standard liners fit my feet fine with a size 10, but once they're in the actual skate, it can get a little tight sometimes. Would the only difference between ordering an 11 over a 10 be the liner size? If so, how well would an 11 in these fit the skates I have? Cheers

Yes a uk10 and uk11 Classic Throne use the same shell. As a result I would expect buying a uk11 liner WOULD give you a bit of extra room. There's only one way to find out 100% for sure though!

hey, I have Valo TV3 white will this liner fit in them?

Not too well! I'd recommend going for the Trust Special Ops liners instead.

Will these work in SSM Montre Encore? Which do you think would be better - these or Trust Special OPs. Thanks!

The Trusts would fit better in the SSM skates.

I ride the razor horns which would be better the phoenix or the jug whitesox

The Jugs tend to work better in Razors SL skates.

Will these fit the remz hr 1.2?

They would fit, however the Remz liners are designed perfectly for the shape of teh Remz skates so I think the original liners would feel better in this particular skate.

Do you have these in a US 8 (I believe thats a size 7 UK) in black? I ordered these from another shop and they sent me the black and red ones even though the black ones were pictured

We currently have the size US8/UK7 in the all-black colourway.

hi i have a pair of oxygen arstock skates and was wondering if im a size nine in shoes do i get a bigger size in skates?

Hi Luke. It depends what skates you are buying. For most skates we'd advise buying your regular shoe size however you can find individual 'size tips' in the product descriptions on the website for skates which have unusal sizing.

What would go better in a size 9 pair of lites the Phoenix or jug white sox liner?

Assuming you mean Valo Lights, then either should work but the Jug may crush your foot a little when used with this skate (depending on your foot shape as an individual). If your original Valo liners are still in working order I'd recommend sticking with them as they fit the Valo skates best!

would these liners fit in a Salomon ST9? , I am a size 8. Fabio.

Hi Fabio. The Phoenix liners are thinner than the Salomon liners so I don't see why you should have any trouble!

would these liners fit into jj lights ? i am size 8 what size should i get ?

Hey there! Yes they fit. I think it would be best to try the size 8 liner first. If you were finding that small then you might get away with a uk9 liner in the uk8 Light boot.

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