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Seba CJ Wellsmore Pro Boot Only

Seba CJ Wellsmore Pro Boot Only

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This is the boot-only version of the Seba CJ Wellsmore Pro Skates.

Buying a boot-only allows you to customise your own set-up of wheels, frames and bearings.

Size Tip: The Seba SX Skates fit fairly regular although some people have commented they come up a little small so if between size or in doubt please buy 0.5-1 sizes bigger.

Worried about size? Don't. We offer a UK free size swap.

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5 Average Rating 5/5 (9 reviews)
5 stars For the sale price awesome deal Written by
Super sturdy and comfortable boots. I am size 45 in shoes so bought these in size 46 and the fit is great. Only negative thing to mention is the external wideness of the boots at least in this size. They look a bit like snowboarding boots with wheels. Other than that and some ankle rub due to the braking in these make really solid skates. bolted Kizer Trimax frames on them and the setup looks sick!
5 stars Seba skates Written by
Realy realy happy with theses skates amazing an loco is there number one shop for me came the next day I ordered so was realy happy with Tha since buying theses I have bought a lot more stuff as there simple the best love the skates tho highly recommended to anyone an at Tha price is. Given them away
5 stars Seba skates Written by
Realy realy happy with theses skates amazing an loco is there number one shop for me came the next day I ordered so was realy happy with Tha since buying theses I have bought a lot more stuff as there simple the best love the skates tho highly recommended to anyone
5 stars Loco Skates is Awesome! Written by

First, these skates are mad comfortable. The only problem (which wasn't Loco's fault) was that the boots had two left souls attached. What did Gaston do? He had a whole new set of souls to me in less than 3 days... And I live in California. Gotta give props to Gaston and Loco Skates!

5 stars Pro boot Written by
This is a very comfortable and responsive boot, built with good and durable materials. love the thick laces and all the other details
5 stars Superb Written by

I love these skates.. since locoskates put them on sale I've bought 2 more pairs so I don't have to switch up frames/wheels so much. They for like slippers, barely have a break-in period, are super-light and supportive. What more do u want in a street/park skate!?

4 stars Great comfortable, lightweight, stiff boot Written by

These boots are super light weight and stuff thanks to the carbon fiber construction. I'm flat footed and these and the Seba sx boots are the only ones that haven't caused me a lot of foot pain due to high arches and narrow ankle opening. I can't recommend these boots enough.

5 stars Awesome product Written by
This is a super light boot, rides and feels amazing on your feet, would recommend to anyone trying to skate, everything about theses boots are amazing and built high quality
5 stars The Best Skates Ever!!! Written by

So at first I thought oh not as good as USD Carbon 3 by looking at the quality of the materials and construction methods such as: no grommets on the first 3 lace holes; the carrying strap on the back is not thick sewn leather as on the Carbon 3s; the padding inside the skate seems to be really thin and at first did cut into my heel hinge bone. So I said to myself well let me see how they perform while I skate. Oh man let me tell you my skating has gotten way better as in longer grinds and easier bowl carving and higher airs. General overall improvments in all areas and a better confidence in skating and tricks. I think that the high boot and better ankle support over the USD Carbon 3s are the keys. When I skate with my Carbon 3s now I feel like there is no support for my ankle and I tend to fall of the ledges while grinding and my ankle buckling when dropping into bowls. They are a tiny bit heavier than the carbon 3s but the improvement in skating ability is well worth it.

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Hi I was wondering about sizing in these I am a size 11 in trainer what size would you recommend in these skates please

You'd most likely to be able to stick to size 11 also in this skate but if in doubt, or on occassion you've worn size 12 shoes for example, go for the size 12. Gaston. 

Hello, i got size EU 42 in my shoes (26,5 cm) but they're a little bit too big. would the size 41 fit? Thanks :)

Yep sounds like they will logically. Gaston. 

I skate an E45 in Razor street cult and Seba Frx 2016, what size would you recommend in these? E45 or E46

EU45. Gaston. 

Will you guys be getting more uk9 in stock? or anything equivalent to a 10.5 us size in these? Thanks!

That size is out of stock now with the supplier also, apologies! Let me know if you need some help with an alternative. Gaston. 

I usually wear size 10 but you only have 10.5 will this still work? And if they are too big is there an alternative I can do if I have already made an order? Ben

Hey Ben - Actually the uk10.5 converts to a UE45 in this case, which in most other brands is considered a uk10... so you may find it feels very much like a uk10 to you (it's pretty subjective though!). You can always send them back (unused) if they feel too big. There's plenty of alternatives, juts none on a super-mega-sale like this one! Jake.

Hi!I already have these skates in size 40, they fit ok but quite big. My foot is 25,7 cm long, Do you thing 39 size will be fine for me?By the other side I would like to change the black soulplate for a white one, Would be possible?Really thanks!

Yep if the size EU40 feels big, go for the size EU39. If you don't want to cash out on a whole new boot, you could add some extra innersoles into the size EU40 you already have? Yes as long as we have stock of the white soul plates in your size, we can swap the colour for you. Gaston. 

Is there any kind of shock absorbor or heel pad in this skate? If so, how does it compare to other heel pad/ shock absorbors? Thanks in advance

Hi Steve. Yep, there's a rubber shock absorbing heel pad in there. If you know the Razor SL shocks then they are a similar material but thinner. Jake.

Wight are better the valo v13 maroon or these I can't make a decision

Neither can I... it's very subjective! A couple of things to note though... the Seba is made from Carbon Fibre and the Valo from plastic. Some people prefer the feeling of carbon fibre, some people prefer the 'thud' of plastic. They are lighter per material used though (not much in it in this case though because the Valo uses such a small amount of material). Some would say that the Valo has a higher, more supportive cuff (again pretty subjective)... one of the main selling points of the Seba over the Valo is that the soul plate is much larger, which is a deal-maker for some skaters. Jake.

Hi guys will you be getting size 9 in? I see you have an amazing offer. I'm considering the 2hr drive down.. Many thanks Jake

Hi Jake. Apologies, this is all end of line now so no more sizes coming back to stock. :-(

Hi. I Received these a few days ago, thanks for the quick delivery as always. I have a couple of questions: I can tell already that the toes will get destroyed very quickly! I know many people ask if the boot can be drilled to fit the later toe protector. Has anybody succesfully managed this? If not, what other ways hav people protected the toe of this skate? Also, what other buckles and what other cuffs fit this boot? Cheers

Hi Kahinde, think I answered your toe protection question in another reply. In reply to the buckles question - pretty much any buckle will go on these, they have the standard attachments as with most buckles. Cuffs wise - most will fit on there's no special attachment...whether they'll be an improvement on the Seba cuff... I don't think so, it's a very nice cuff as it is. Gaston. 

Hey! I live in south Korea..and now looking at this cj boot..and wondering if i can order this boot(size 41, if still in stock) from here(south Korea) Cause S.korea is not listed in your delivery nation chart..if possible, Can you tell me how much the delivery cost would be? And can you specify how much the local cost( the cost occurs in uk) would be? I need to know the local cost for my custom clearance.. Thanks

Hi Lee, yes we deliver to Korea. If you make an account you'll see Korea as a delivery destination, and if you need to know total costs before placing your order, place any items you like in your cart and check the total before paying. Gaston. 

Hi. Received the skates, thanks. I can see already that I will end wearing through the front and side-toe area very quickly! I know a lot of people ask about fitting the late-model type protectors. Has anybody successfully done this, or found some other way of protecting the toe area? If so, how?

I reckon you could put some hockey tape around the front of the boot if needs be - that would help. I don't know anyone who has specifically used the materials from the later model on this model, sounds expensive, but if you're in the know then yes I guess it could work. Gaston. 

Hi, the option for uk size 9 is no longer present, does this mean you are out of stock, if so will you be receiving new stock before the sale ends on this item.

Back in stock now buddy. Gaston 

Hi guys. I'm looking at buyin these with red frames, any chance u supply the skates with red souls instead of black? Also does the free gift 6 (bearings) come with spacers? And one last thing do you have an idea on when u might have the slide plates available in black? Cheers, Paul

For component swap info, have a read of our Component Swap page. As long as we have stock, we can do the soul plate swap. The free bearings are just the bearings, if you'd like spacers I'd grab some of the Go Project Laser Cut Spacers, thesd work really well. Gaston. 

Hello, will you be getting EU 42 into stock at all, or are these the only sizes available?

Hi Jack, unfortunately the EU42 is completely sold out. Our apologies, Todd

Hi Loco, do you sell Ceba CJ boot together with UFS frame bolts? Or do I have to order them? I“m wondering what length should I buy, in case they are not included. Thank you.

They're included. You shouldn't need to use any other UFS bolts, they're pretty good one's that are included. Gaston. 

I wear a size UK 9/EU 43 shoe (Clarks) but have always found I need to go bigger for trainers so usually wear a UK 10/EU 44-45 and am wondering if the UK 10.5 /EU 45 would be a comparable to a trainer size or a shoe size.

Clarks have some pretty wacky fluctuating sizing going on... I'd judge it by what size you most commonly take across a broad range of your other footwear. There's no accounting for different footwear brands unfortunately but most people find the Seba fits accurately to size... like a Nike trainer. Jake.

I skate a UK8 in FRs and Igors - tight but comfortable. Considering these have a similar method of construction to the Igors, is there any reason to suppose the fit would be different? I.e. a size 8UK ought to fit me?

No, if you fit well in the IGOR's and FR's, go for the same size in these. They'll be tight but that's a good thing, they'll loosen up after a few sessions. Gaston. 

Hi thinking of buying new skate set up and had my eye on these for a while as I won't them for there performance not just to look good. Iv been skating for a long time so know exactly what I whant and iv read on this question section that the liners are built in slightly worried as want them to last and of course liners eventually tear and wear so my question is lads is the liners replaceable or if not is there anything I could do to help stop/slow down wear and tear. kind regards L.F

The Mushroom Blading boys have actually taken this boot and gutted the soft inside of the boot to fit their own liners, so it is possible! General wear and tear will eventually happen on all skates, but Seba are a very high quality skate so you shouldn't see tearing or wearing very quickly (to the inside, the outside...that depends on how hard you shred!). Just make sure the skates are fastened correctly, if you can avoid any foot movement in the skate you'll slow down the wear and tear to the inside of the boot. Gaston. 

Just saw you sold the last us11 I was eying off. Will you be getting any more in?

Hi Matt,  The US11/EU44/UK10 are all sold out now and I'm unable to get anymore. James

Hi guys, sorry if this comes across as cheeky but if u don't ask u don't get ;) u are doing the full skate in the smaller size for £120 is there any chance u can do me this 7.5 as a full skate for the £139??

No apologies Paul I can't do this, but worth asking yes! Gaston. 

Hi! Is there a way to adapt the seba abrasive pad on it? Kind regards

You could attempt to drill some holes in the side of the boot, but you're potentially going to crack the Carbon Fiibre shell.... good luck. Gaston. 

hi, i've had these skates a while now and the liner has become uncomfortable, ik the liners are built in but is there any way to change them? thanks charlie

What you'll have to do is try to think about things you can put around your foot to make the skates more comfortable, with a non-removable liner there isn't much you can do once it wears away. For example, if it is around your ankle area that has become uncomfortable, you could get some Ennui Ankle Guards to help this. Gaston. 

I am wanting to buy myself a new pair of skates which i will be ordering in six days :D (from loco of course) and i'm a bit worried about the sizing with these. I currently skate a size 7 USD carbon free eisler skate and wondered what size you recommend. I have read online that they feel a bit tight and small at first but actually free up nicely after a while and when they do, they fit true to size, is this the case? CJ

It's different for every foot. For me, I'm a size UK7 shoe but have to skate a size UK8 in the USD carbon range AND the Seba Wellsmore, I just find them a little to tight in a size UK7, the majority would agree with me, but there are exceptions. I'd say, if you're worried about the size take a size 8, if they feel too big when you first try them on, don't skate them - send them back and we'll send you a size 7UK. Gaston. 

Is it possible to remove the Sole Plate and install the Frame directly to the Boot? I'm just wondering. Just to make the skate even more lighter. Hehehe.

Yep you can do, this can be seen on the Seba SX skate actually. Gaston. 

Hi LS,I'm currently using SSM Nihn size UK9, a very tight fit on the verge of annoying my toes. If I remember, Ssm runs 1/2 size smaller, so would a CJ size UK9 be comfortable for my size? Cheers!!!

I can't say for definite which size CJ boot will fit you, but put it this way - I skate a size 7 skate usually, but with the CJ boot I have to skate a size 8... So you may want to size up by one size. This may just be the shape of my foot though. Remember also - the Seba CJ boot is a carbon fibre skate, meaning you can heat mold the skate to fit your foot shape better, this will help get rid of any annoying pressure points you may feel! Gaston. 

Which one is lighter? These CJ or the Seba High Light 2015?

The CJ's, because they have smaller / less wheels. If you weighed both boot-only in the same size then I expect the High Lights would be marginally lighter. Jake.

Will you be able to fit standard 80mm FR1 frames on the CJ's without the soul plate?

Nope. You'd have to buy frames which are UFS compatible (ie NOT raised at the heel). We can order you the Seba SX frames if you call the shop (£110) or you could simply fit on a Powerblade frame. I'd advise the Kizer Advance frames or the Kizer Arrow frames for 80mm wheels. Jake.

Hi there loco just wanted to know weather how much I would have to pay to get the white set up on these skates

Hi George. We actually don't stock the black CJ parts consollodated as a 'kit' so we couldn't do a swap-out on these. You can buy the Seba CJ white parts kit separately though. Jake.

Hi there, Apart from the wheels, frames and soleplate. whats the difference between the CJ and the SX? is the sole plate removable? thanks

The soul plate is removable and can connect to either of these boots yes. They are very similar boots as you can see, the CJ has basicaly been modified to become an aggressive skate with the addition of  a soul plate and some small aesthetical changes to the colours. 

I skate size 8 valo light comfortably, I had some size 8 USDcarbon frees but they destroyed my ankles would these be better a size 8 or 9 for me? Cheers

If we had to make an educated guess, I'd say buy the uk9 in these. They fit smaller than the Valo Light skate does.

Hi do you know where I can get the Cj Wellsmore aggressive frames from and also if those aggressive frames will fit on my Seba SX skates? Thanks and Happy new year! Tibor

Hi Tibor - We do actually have some here at the shop. They just don't appear on the website as they are a component which makes up a composite item. We can sell them to you separately on the phone though if you give us a call.

What are the mp measurements on the box for the eu42 and eu43? Thanks

The mondo sizing for  EU 42 and 43 is 27.5cm and 28cm respectively. You can see the UK and US size conversions in the size option box for each size.

I skate an 8 in valos, had a snug 7 in usd carbon frees, what size would you recommend in these?

I'd go with the uk8.

If I was to buy these and pay the extra to swap the soul plates would I then have to pay again to swap the laces to white or would I be able to do that for free

Hi Luke - We don't do a lace swap, they are just sold as a separate item. Luckily laces are super cheap anyway!

If i were to order these would you be able to switch out the black soul kit for another colour way? would it cost anymore?

Hi Stephen. We can do a component swap for £10. Just add a component swap to your cart and then give instructions in the comments box at the checkout. Please make sure the replacement part you want is showing as available on our website first.

How much do these compare to adapts in weight? The adapts are around 900g a pair right?

Exact weight depends on size. The Adapts are the lighter skates out of the two although the CJ's are light in comparison to other skates on the market.

What are these like for fit I heard they come up a bit big so it's possible to downsize ? Is that true thanks

We'd recommend you skate your true size in these. The fit is regular.

Have you tried other soul plates on these yet or know if they are releasing the white souls for them soon? Or will I have to settle for a usd carbon or 7 soul but will I have to go up a size in either of those plates ???

These should fit USD Carbon, USD 7 and Adapt souls with little or no modification. I'd expect using the same size soul as the boot would work.

Is there going to be limited stock of these or will they be replenished as money will be tight until December but I'm thinking of getting a pair.

There is always limited stock on items like this. The real question is how popular they will be (thus affecting availibility). My personal prediction is that there will be enough UK stock to cover demand at Christmas.

Hello there. The following questions below. Are the Seba' true to size? Can these be heat molded if need be? Will they fit USD Carbon & VII souls? Chris.

Hi Chris. Because the skates have not been released yet [14/10/13] I can't answer your questions first-hand, however: I've heard the skates fit true to size, Seba have not released any info about heat moulding so I would lay off doing it until some official info comes out, I'd be very surprised if they DIDN'T fit the Carbon/VII souls. They certainly look like they will! I can answer these questions with 100% accuracy hopefully by the end of Oct as we are expecting a sample pair through.

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