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The adopted name for Remedy skates appears to have inadvertently become Remz skates through the years. San Diego based rollerblading legend and all round safe dude 'Kato' started Remz by building them by hand in his garage. The innovative 'v-cut' concept caught the attention of rollerbladers worldwide; the concept being that with a 'V' cut into the back of the skate and reaching down to the user's achillies the skater could now point his/her toe with the skates on, in turn allowing for better freedom of movement and a better 'push' off the ground when jumping. Remz are known for their extra padded comfort, particularly in the higher-end pro models. Come 2011 Remz were running with two designs of skate: the Open Shell (Remz OS) models (the OS.1 skates, OS.2 skates etc) and Pro models which are 'closed shell' and include the Remz Haffey 2.1 skates and the Remz HR.1 skates. At the end of 2010 Remedy introduced a new High Resilliance material to their pro-skates which was less prone to 'giving' and becoming sloppy. Remz continue to push their skates with fresh new designs based around the main two 'moulds' every few months.

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Remz Josiah Blee 2016 Pro Skates

Remz Josiah Blee 2016 Pro Skates 5

The Remz Josiah Blee 2016 Pro Skates now in stock | Free UK next day delivery | Free gift | The UK's No.1 for skate...

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