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The new Chris Haffey 2.2 Pro model from Remz is here, and its more then just a colour change too! Carrying on where the massively popular Haffey 2.1 model left off, Remz have decided to use their new 'High Resilience' compound (as found on the Remz HR1.1) on this new model. This new material basically makes the skate slightly tougher and more supportive where you need it to be, without sacrificing on flexibility thanks to the V-Cut cuff and rear lacing system. The liner has also been redesigned to be more comfortable and with better materials. Rolling on GC Featherlite 2 frames and coupled with a newer better shock absorber and improved lacing system, the Remz Haffey 2.2 is gonna be more popular then ever!

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5 stars Amazing!!!!! :) Written by

I just got these skates yesterday haven't been to a skatepark yet but done some street they fit like a glove good for grinds very fast and smooth.these skates are just beast skates if u like nice fited skates but the delivery was a bit late,but over all I'm very pleased :) 

[Loco: We always send out our skates on a next day delivery, and we always try to get things sent out as soon as possible. However depending on what time the order is made, we may not be able to process it until the following day. If it's something you need in a hurry, then just call us at the shop and we'll see what we can do :)]

5 stars highly recomend Written by

i brought the boot only and added everything else myself and i have to say they really are and exeptional boot. iv had them since they first came out and they are still as comfy as the day i got them. these definatly converted me to a remz kinda guy! 5* but id give them more if i could

5 stars Awesome Written by

great, great skate. stock wheels are AWFUL. Mine have cored within 4 sessions. but got some bhc dre's on there now which has cleared it right up. stock liners as always on remz are amazing. takes a while to get used to the fitting but once theyre on..theyre on. Im going to skating remz for a long time i think! 5*'s

5 stars remz haffey 2.2 Written by

These skates are amazing, ive skated them for a month now and ive not come across any problem, if you like your skates i little loose and give you plenty of flex then these are the skates for you. i love these skates the only problem is when you skate street a lot like i do the wheels get worn down very fast, so id order spare wheels with them as well.

5 stars eded Written by


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Hi, I'm normally a US size 8 in regular rollerblade as my normal shoe size rangess from a womans 7.5 to 8. Would a mens US size 7 fit well?

Sounds like you'd need to go for a US8 as these fit regular. The US7 (uk6) is a shell size DOWN so you might find you are hitting the end if you try and downsize.

Do you guys send international deliveries with package insurance?

Yes you are covered for loss or damage on all deliveries.

Hi there! I'm 12 years old,and i would like to try the 2.2 Are they good for me? If i will order them and they won't fit me or they'll be very big can i send them back and swap them for another size. Mike

Hi Mike. You can send them back unused for a size swap if they don't fit or you can return them unused for a refund within 14 days if don't want to keep them.

Could i swap the soul plate to white ones?

Hi Danielle. Because this model is reduced already we aren't doing any component swaps. Bonus is you can buy a set of white plates separately and you will have a spare set of souls still at a much lower price than RRP. :-)

Is there much difference between these and the os4 frankys?

Yes. The OS4 uses an 'Open Shell' and the Haffey skate has material stitched over the top of the shell as well as a skin over the cuff area. The liners inside are very different from one another. The Open shell and closed shell give quite a different skating experience overall.

Do these have the new true balance soul system thingy? And what cm size difference is there between each shell size? Thanks, Jacob.

These were release before the True Balance soul system. I'd say each shell size jumps up around 1.5-2cm.

How much extra would it cost to put red laces and red backslide plates on these?

We could swap the BS plate for free. Just type into the comments box 'Please swap BS plate to red as agreed by email'. Red laces and be bought separately. See Red Remz laces.

Hey Loco if I buy these in size 12 would I be able to fit a size 10 os4 liner in them?

Yes. You may find it will slide around a little inside though. I believe you can actually bolt the OS4 liner in underneath the heel though (by putting the thread for the rear frame-bolt on the inside of the liner and bolting into it through the bottom of the skate/liner)

It says there are still size 7s there but are they actually in stock

Yes, the stock shown is live.

Hi there. Really interested in these skates. Not sure weither to go for the franky morales remz or these. Do you think you'll have these in a ten before xmas 2013???

Nope. I'm afraid this model is discontinued so no more stock. There is replacement models though. Have a look at the Remz HR1.2 and Remz HR1.3.

Are you going to get any more of these in soon? preferably a size 9 or 10. Jack.

Hi Jack - No I'm afraid these are now discontinued. The most similar model would be the Remz HR1.3.

will u be getting size 8 anytime soon ? Jack.

Hi Jack Apologies, these are discontinued now so no more new sizes. The nearest thing would be the Remz HR1.3.

Any chance of size 11s rolling in soon?

Yes these should be back in stock soon... keep an eye on the website. Alternatively you can order over the phone right away and we can get them on a special order for you.

My feet and legs tend to bow out when i stand and skate is this something my body will just do forver for comfort or can i get a skate which has a slight different frame allignment

The Remz skates naturally pronate outwards a little. If you don't like this style but still want to skate a Remz skate then you can try the new style 'True Balance' Remz skates which were developed for precicely this reason. At the time of this message [20/07/13] you can get the Remz HR1.2 or the Remz HR1.3 which both use the True Balance system so they sit a little straighter.

How many piece soul plate is this

All Remz in the last 6 years have a one-piece soul-kit (with a backslide plate). :-)

What skill level are these for, thanks, luke here

Hey Luke. The skates aren't categorised by skill level. Anyone can use them! The better the skates you get, the more likely you are to have a good experience with them!

Would it cost extra if I asked for you guy's to swap the frames To some GC Freestyle frames? Matt

Hi Matt - Give the shop a call if you want to order these with FL2 frames. Should be no problem.

Hi! My put is 27 cm ;) How size it? Rafal

Hi Rafal. Have a look online for a size conversion chart so you can find out your UK size. The Remz fit true to size so no need to go bigger or smaller than your regular shoe size.

Are these much heavier than sat valo tv2?

Nope. Similar weight!

how much longer do you think you'l have the size 8s in stock??-trying to get them for march(2013), but i think thats a bit farfetched now, or possibly xmas... thanks.

We have very few size uk8. There won't be any left by March. Jump on tis one quick.

will you get any uk size 9 in stock soon? Ash

Hi Ash. UK9 is now all sold out. Apologies. The HR1.2 is the new model and available in all sizes.

The 1.2's are selling for just as much sometimes more than the 2.2's like on this website.whats the difference between the 1.2's, the 2.1's and the 2.2's?

There's 3 separate models. The HR1.2 has the frame positioned more centrally on the skate and is the newest model of the 3. It has Ground Control F1XS frames. The Haffey 2.2's are the Chris Haffey pro model and come with a pre V-cut cuff and liner. They have Ground Control Featherlite 2 frames. It's cheaper because it's an older model and we bought stock at a reduced price. The Haffey 2.1 is just the previous version of the Haffey 2.2 and is no longer available.

hey there :) would the undercover team 60mm wheels fit in the 2.2s?

With the frames that they come with, yes.

hello there i just wanted to know if the uk size 10 is the same size shell as the uk size 11 as i nomaly ride size 11 remz and have a spare liner at home

Hi Ross 

No the shell sizes runa s follows: UK9-UK10 and UK11-UK12

Loco :-)

what soul plates are on this product ?

Remz one-piece soul plates

hi just wondering whats the difference between the remedy skates and razors sl cause ive been skating razors for a year now and was wondering if i got remz what the difference would be?? Lewis

Hi Lewis - They are entirley different skates with many different features. You can read about each in the product description under the 'product info' tab situated under the main image of the product.

What size wheels can you go up to on these?

These will take up to a 60mm wheel

hi there, i was thinking about buying these skate in a few weeks in a uk 10 do you think you will still have them in stock?

Hi There. It's impossible to say. We bought the last of the stock of these skates from the UK supplier so when they are gone they are gone. My advice would be to pick up a pair as quickly as you can to avoid disappointment. :-)

is the uk 12 a heavier skate compare to the razor gens

You'll find the Remz is marginally heavier because of the skin however there's hardly anything in it.

would the King Crow Precision Bearings fit in the wheels of this product ?

Yes. All wheels and bearings on our website are compatible.

I am a size 9 as my normal shoe size and i am wondering what size would be best fit ?

Size uk9 should be fine!

what make of wheels are on the blade ?

They are Remz stock wheels.

hi - im wondering wat is the size of the wheel becuase i am going to buy the new valo brandon smith.1 light skate but im putting on the ground control frames tht came with my old remz haffey 2.2 but im going to buy new wheels but i dont know wat size wheel i should buy could you please tell me what size wheel i should buy and what is the best one that would go with the valo bs.1 skates thanks

Hi Jamie - I'd recommend buying any size between 55mm and 59mm for that set-up. The Remz come with 57mm.

hello, i can see that your uk size is 8, and US size is 9. And what i can find on internet is that UK 8 equals to US 8 1/2. So wich one of them are wrong? the 8 or 9? Philip

Hi Philip. Different brands use different sizing charts so the conversions can vary. In this case a UK8 converts to a US9.

i am ordering these skates monday for my birthday on thursday and want to know if you will still have these in size 7 just getting a little paranoid about them going out of stock before or on monday

Hi Aiden,

We currently have one size UK7 in stock. I would not worry if these sells between now and then as we would have the size re-stocked within a few days if it is still available from our suppliers.


Will you be ordering more pairs because I want to buy a size 9?

Hey there! Unfortinately size uk9 is now unavailable in this skate (and there won't be a re-release). The size uk10 uses the same 'shell' so is no heavier or bulkier, maybe that's an option. If you were still worried about size maybe a solution would be to buy a uk10 and then buy uk9 Jug liners (or similar).

Do they come with buckles or straps

They come with straps fitted but you get buckles in the box if you want to skate with buckles.

I recently gave up skateboarding to start blading, would I be able to use a spare pack of Bones Reds I have in my home in the wheels of these?

Yep, no problem!

Are they light?

In terms of aggressive skates they are mid-weight. They are not as light as a Carbon skate or a slimmer skate!

do you do these in a size 11?

Hi There. Apologies, the size UK11 is now out of stock and unavailable from the UK supplier (so we can't special order them!)

also what bearing are in the wheels ?

These come with ABEC 5 bearings.

Do you get the wheels with this product because I have no spares and am spending all the money on the accual skate and USD knee pads ?

Hi there - Not sure if I mis-understood your question, but yes, you do get wheels with this skate!

hey!! ive been skating for a few years now, im only a size 5 (uk) but i have haffey's 2.1 in a size 6. there ok but i find myself tightening the arse off the boots and after about an hour they begin to hurt. If i undo them and make them looser then its hard to land without bailing. i was just wondering if you know why remz dont make a size 5? :) thanks.

They may well have uk5's in the States. However, they did not make a separate size uk5 factory 'mould' for these skates so if they did have a uk5 available it would be the same 'shell size' as the uk6 anyway (just with a smaller liner put in it). For this reason it would probably feel almost identical to the skates you already have.

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